Mr. Kevin Yang is the Executive Director and General Manager of CECEP Hong Kong Investment Co. Ltd., the Managing Director of CECEP Environmental Consulting Group Ltd., the Executive Director of SIIC Environment Holdings Ltd. (stock code: BHK.SG, 807.HK),and the Non- Executive Director of China Geothermal Industry Development Group Ltd. (08128.HK).

He is experienced in the investment and management of global energy conservation and environmental protection industries for many years, including technology introduction, overseas project investment and financing, M & A and cross-border capital operation, international carbon asset trading, international trade, foreign exchange services, etc., and skilled in ESG management consulting, climate change tackling, carbon asset management, etc. Mr. Yang now serves as the representative of the leading corporate members of Hong Kong International Carbon Market Council of Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX), and a member of the Carbon Market Advisory Group of the Hong Kong Financial Services Development Council. Mr. Yang is also the Vice President of Hong Kong Green Finance Association, the Vice Chairman of Executive Director Association (HKiNEDA), and the Deputy Director of China Green Building (Hong Kong) Council.