Dr. Ma Jun Appointed as Member of the Social Development Expert Group under the Chief Executive’s Policy Unit (CEPU) Expert Group


Dr. Ma Jun, Chairman and President, HKGFA is appointed as a member of the Social Development Expert Group under the Chief Executive’s Policy Unit (CEPU) Expert Group.

Source of Press Release: the HKSAR Government

The Government announced today (May 30) the establishment of the Chief Executive’s Policy Unit (CEPU) Expert Group and the appointment of 56 members. The term of appointment will be one year which takes effect immediately and ends on May 29, 2024.

The CEPU Expert Group comprises members of different backgrounds including business, finance, professionals, think-tanks and academia to provide expert views and new ideas to the CEPU concerning various topics. To facilitate the work of the Expert Group and conduct more focused discussions, the Expert Group is organised along three broad streams, namely Economic Advancement Expert Group, Social Development Expert Group and Research Strategy Expert Group.

The Head of the CEPU, Dr Stephen Wong, said he was pleased with the appointment and welcomed the members on board. He said, “Members of the Expert Group all have rich experience and professional knowledge in their respective fields, and are eager to offer valuable insights and innovative ideas for the benefit of Hong Kong. In addition to holding regular meetings, the CEPU will also proactively consult relevant members on individual issues, with a view to tapping into the members’ wisdom and experience as far as possible.”

The membership of the Expert Group is as follows (in alphabetical order of surnames):
Economic Advancement Expert Group
Dr Haywood Cheung
Mr Hong Xiaoyuan
Mr Peter Kung
Mr Adam Kwok
Mr Peter Lai
Dr George Lam
Mr David Lau
Dr Martin Lee
Ms Nisa Leung
Mr Laurence Li, SC
Mr Li Xiguang
Mr Dowson Tong
Mr Patrick Tsang
Dr Levin Wang
Mr Samuel Yung
Social Development Expert Group
Mr Alan Chan
Dr Eugene Chan
Mr Kevin Chan
Mr Nicholas Chan
Mr Chen Shaobo
Mrs Eva Cheng
Mr Albert Lee
Mr Edward Liu
Ms Anthea Lo
Ms Lo Po-man
Mr Lo Wing-hung
Dr Lewis Luk
Dr Ma Jun
Dr Chloe Suen
Mr Tai Hay-lap
Dr Stephen Tai
Mr Xu Lin
Mr Allen Yeung
Research Strategy Expert Group
Professor Cai Hongbin
Professor Thomas Chan
Mr Chang Ka-mun
Professor Christopher Chao
Dr Francis Cheung
Dr Chow Man-kong
Dr Chow Pak-chin
Dr Guo Wanda
Professor Alfred Ho
Dr Henry Ho
Professor Huang Ping
Professor Lau Pui-king
Professor Lau Siu-kai
Professor Francis Lui
Professor Terry Lum
Professor Dennis Lo
Professor Mao Zhenhua
Professor Charles Ng
Dr Wang Fuqiang
Professor Richard Wong
Professor Wong Yuk-shan
Professor Xiao Geng
Professor Zheng Yongnian
The CEPU was established on December 28, 2022, to enhance the Government’s capabilities in research and advocacy on long-term and strategic issues, and to report to the Chief Executive outcomes of the related studies and analyses. For details, please visit the CEPU’s website (www.cepu.gov.hk).

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