Asia Society Hong Kong: Chairman’s Dialogue Series – China’s Approach toward Green Financing and Sustainable Development


Asia Society Hong Kong Center is proud to present the Chairman’s Dialogue Series, a specially curated series of marquee events bringing together distinguished guests from around the world for conversations with Ronnie Chan, Chairman of Asia Society Hong Kong Center.

In this conversation, Mr. Chan will be joined by Dr. Ma Jun, a leading policy advocate and practitioner of green and sustainable finance in China and globally, and Chairman and President of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association.

This summer’s record heat and extreme drought in China and Europe and unprecedented flooding in Pakistan demonstrate the pressing need to take serious actions to address climate change and find ways to develop economies and industries sustainably. Financial services firms will play a key role in making the transition toward a more sustainable future by managing financing for the enormous investments needed to accomplish environmental goals, including as much as RMB 487 trillion to meet China’s demands in the coming 30 years. With Dr. Ma, we will explore a range of questions, from how banks and other financial institutions can help China and other economies meet their goals, to, what are the key tools of green finance the industry can use and seek to adopt? How can we develop common taxonomies and standards to achieve maximum efficiency across financial markets? China has recently adopted the world’s largest carbon trading market. How effective is the market in reducing carbon emissions in China, and what are the prospects for expanding the market’s reach in terms of access to more industries? Many of the challenges facing China are commonly shared around the world. What lessons can other economies learn from China’s experience with green finance and sustainable development? What standards and tools are under development for adoption globally?

2022年 10月 05日
5 pm - 7 pm HKT