Redefining ESG Claims in an Age of Greenwashing

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HKGFA is pleased to be supporting the webinar Redefining ESG Claims in an Age of Greenwashing on 14th July at 4:00 pm HKT.

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As demand for sustainable and climate finance has boomed in APAC markets, concerns have grown about ‘greenwashing’ – that is, representing products, portfolios and institutions as more sustainable than they really are. The financing gap for climate adaptation in Asia, estimated at US$25 billion per year up to 2030, is one example of the huge opportunities available to institutions that can build a credible approach.

Regulators around the world are introducing legally binding disclosure standards for products as well as scrutinizing the ESG credentials of institutions. However, enforcement of disclosure and transparency is still low, some disclosure rules are not applicable at the product level, and further harmonization of standards is required in terms of deciding what is ‘green’ and the best way to measure and communicate this at various levels, e.g. to regulators, sales teams and investors.

This webinar brings together leading industry thinkers to review the rising threat of greenwashing in APAC sustainable finance markets, discuss the most pressing questions, and consider how financial institutions can build greater transparency.

Join to learn about three key issues from a portfolio, product, and data strategy perspective:

  1. The current state of greenwashing in APAC markets and why this is a concern, including consistency issues such as whether an institution is ‘green-washing’ if it rolls out green-labelled products while remaining a top financer in sectors that are considered ‘not-green’.
  2. What lessons APAC can learn from front runner regions such as the EU when implementing green taxonomies and product disclosure rules, and how APAC FIs can build strategies to navigate upcoming disclosure rules across multiple markets.
  3. Which strategies and approaches – including ESG integration, ESG metrics, data-driven ESG due diligence and monitoring, reporting tools, and technology accelerators such as AI and blockchain – can most help banks, asset managers and capital market participants to become more transparent and avoid accusations of greenwashing.


  • Keynote: Adrian Schatzmann, CEO, Asset Management Association Switzerland
  • Christopher Tung, Partner Hong Kong, K&L Gates
  • Ellie Tang, Director, Sustainable Investing, Fidelity International
  • Julien Martin, Managing Director, Co-Head of Emerging Business Development, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited
  • Mervyn Tang, Head of Sustainability Strategy APAC, Schroders
  • Sébastien Renaud, Regulatory Change Lead, Pictet Asset Management
  • Moderator: Shelley Zhou, APAC ESG Lead, Capco
  • Facilitator: Sarah Bidinger, Deputy ESG Lead, Capco Switzerland

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