Webinars Series: “Methodologies and tools for Paris Alignment”


FC4S is delighted to invite its financial centres and their associated institutions to a dedicated series of webinars on “Methodologies and tools for Paris Alignment”, which will showcase mainstream and freely available climate finance methodologies and tools for the financial sector and include user experiences with each of them. This series of webinars will focus on three initiatives: PCAF (the Partnership for Carbon Accounting Financials), SBTi (the Science Based Targets initiative) and PACTA (Paris Agreement Capital Transition Assessment).Participants will be able to engage with representatives from these climate finance initiatives to fully understand the role that each initiative plays in the overarching process to reach Paris alignment. The main takeaway for participants will be a sense of clarity on what their next steps should be to align their financial institutions with the Paris Agreement.


Considering time differences, each webinar will be held at two different times to make this a global event. All of the workshops will be in English, will last approximately one hour, and will include a user experience and a Q&A Section.

1st Workshop – Introduction &  PCAF overview.

Introduction to the Strategic Framework for Paris Alignment and the interconnectedness of climate initiatives on the path to Paris alignment and PCAF overview.

September 22nd at 17h CET (West time) – Inscription Link

September 23rd at 10h CET (East time)// September 23rd at 4 pm HKT– Inscription Link

2nd Workshop – PACTA overview

September 29th at 17h CET (West time) – Inscription Link

September 30th at 10h CET (East time)// September 30th at 4 pm HKT – Inscription Link

3rd Workshop – SBTi overview

October 4th at 17h CET (West time) – Inscription Link

October 7th at 10h CET (East time)// October 7th at 4 pm HKT –  Inscription Link