Dr. Tianyin SUN is currently leading the team to develop approaches and models for quantifying the impact of environmental and climate-related risks on the financial system at the Research Center for Green Finance Development of Tsinghua University. Prior to his current position, Dr. Tianyin SUN has worked with China Banking and Insurance Regulatory Commission (CBIRC), ETH Singapore Research Center, ThinkStep Group in Germany, UNEP Collaborating Research Center, and the UN Headquarters in New York.

Dr. Tianyin SUN has published more than a dozen high-profile academic journal articles in the field of environmental risk, several of which have been featured as ESI “highly cited” papers, indicating they are positioned into the top 1% of all the articles published in the relevant filed worldwide. His personal Google Scholar citations have now exceeded 2,100.

Under the auspices of Dr. Ma Jun and as the main implementer, Dr. Tianyin SUN has organized the compiling and editing of two very important reports published in Sep 2020, the NGFS Overview of Environmental Risk Analysis (ERA) by Financial Institutions and the NGFS Occasional Paper Case Studies of Environmental Risk Analysis Methodologies. These two reports, as the main products of Dr. Ma Jun’s chairmanship of the NGFS supervisory workstream, are the first comprehensive reports in ERA worldwide, and are believed to be greatly promoting the research and application of ERA in global financial sector.