FSDC releases report “Careers of Tomorrow: Financial Talents in the Digital, Sustainable Economy of Hong Kong”


Hong Kong, 16 August 2021 – The Financial Services Development Council (FSDC) today released a research report titled “Careers of Tomorrow: Financial Talents in the Digital, Sustainable Economy of Hong Kong” with the objective of facilitating the cultivation of Hong Kong’s local talents in financial technology (Fintech) and environmental, social, governance (ESG).

By means of a literature review, interviews and focus group meetings with senior management of financial institutions and a survey with tertiary students and incumbent industry practitioners, the report aims to map out the supply and demand for ESG and FinTech talents in Hong Kong and ensure the city remains forward-looking in formulating and implementing its talent strategy.

“Financial institutions are increasingly looking for talents with cross-disciplinary expertise such as combining tech-savviness and solid knowledge in finance,” said Laurence Li, the Chairman of FSDC. “While both employers and employees remain optimistic about the prospect of Hong Kong and its financial services industry, we need to be mindful of the fast-evolving industry landscape and keen competition among international markets. Local talents, building on some of their well-recognised qualities – trustworthiness, prudence and profound expertise in their sectors – can grow even further along their career paths by constantly striving for self-enhancement, in particular on the breadth of knowledge, innovativeness, and motivation for success.”

Based on findings derived from various types of stakeholder engagements, the report sets out recommendations for Hong Kong to enrich its financial talent pool. These include developing and updating the core competency map for different sectors; coordinating and evaluating internship and apprenticeship programmes; facilitating Hong Kong professionals’ overseas and Mainland placement through subsidy support; incentivising private Fintech enterprises to participate in curriculum development and application; introducing ESG courses as compulsory learning in finance-related disciplines; and expanding CEF reimbursable courses to cover more professional training in Fintech and ESG.

The full version of the report can be downloaded from the FSDC website: https://www.fsdc.org.hk/en/media/fsdc-releases-report-careers-of-tomorrow-financial-talents-in-the-digital-sustainable-economy-of-hong-kong/

Online Forum on the Report replay: https://youtu.be/194eRcz3rdA

Source: The Financial Services Development Council (FSDC)

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