Green and Sustainable Finance Centre Data Source Repository


Congratulations to the Green and Sustainable Finance Centre for publishing the Data Source Repository! The repository contains a set of available data sources for assisting climate risk management and other green and sustainable finance related analysis and research. It was recommended and compiled by the GSF Centre’s Data Working Group based on current industry practice and is not exhaustive. The GSF Centre will review and update the repository on an ongoing basis.

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The repository contains data sources in six major areas:

  • Climate-related risks: including datasets on physical risks and transition risks which will facilitate assessment on related exposure under different emission scenarios and time horizons;
  • Climate scenarios: including datasets on climate scenarios and projections which facilitate climate risk analysis and stress testing; or for research and policy purposes;
  • Climate-related targets, actions & assessment: including datasets that facilitate assessment of portfolio alignment (to the 2oC / 1.5oC goal) and carbon reduction at country, city, and company levels;
  • Carbon exposure: including datasets that enable analysis of carbon exposure and carbon efficiency;
  • Other ESG related data: including datasets that measure ESG risks exposure and relevant management; and  
  • Macroeconomics: including economic or financial datasets to assist in climate analysis.

Source: Hong Kong Monetary Authority

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