HKEX Publishes Net-Zero Guide & Announces New ESG Data Display


Congratulations to Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) for the launch of two new initiatives – publish of Practical Net-Zero Guide for Business and a new service displaying Hong Kong-listed companies ESG metrics through STAGE. HKGFA will continue our support to HKEX in facilitating the green and sustainable finance developments in Hong Kong.

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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is today (Thursday) pleased to announce two new initiatives to support businesses and investors in their sustainability journey, helping to facilitate the net-zero transition across the region.

As part of its commitment to support a thriving sustainable finance ecosystem, HKEX has today published a Net-Zero Guide for Hong Kong listed issuers, and any other corporations looking for guidance and insight, on charting their net zero carbon journey. HKEX is also delighted to announce that through STAGE, its multi-asset platform that encourages greater transparency, market education and stakeholder engagement in sustainable finance, it has launched a new service displaying Hong Kong-listed companies ESG metrics.

HKEX Head of Green and Sustainable Finance, Grace Hui, said: “We are today delighted to add two new tools that will help advance our collective sustainability journey. HKEX’s role in global financial markets, and within our community, is one that comes with great responsibility, and as the world now grapples to meet climate targets, we want to continue to play our role in the greatest challenge of our generation. We are staunch advocates of the transition to a low-carbon economy and we encourage all companies and investors to join us in securing a sustainable future for this generation and the next.”

Practical Net-Zero Guide for Business

HKEX’s Net-Zero Guide introduces the essential steps for businesses to develop a pathway to net zero, aiming to help companies to understand their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in terms of where they are now; where they want to get to; and how they can get there.

The Net-Zero Guide will take companies through the necessary processes to develop an appropriate net-zero pathway. This includes identifying resources required to calculate and establish a carbon emission baseline, setting near-and long-term carbon emission reduction targets, identifying emission reduction potential, understanding different mitigation strategies to reduce emissions outside of the value chain, as well as understanding different net zero strategies implemented by various industry leaders.

More and more businesses have made net-zero emissions pledges to fight climate change, just as investors are increasingly asking companies for their net zero plans. The Net-Zero Guide aims to provide support to companies to facilitate their net-zero transition and encourage more net-zero commitments.

The Net-Zero Guide is now available on STAGE Resources Library.

STAGE Product Repository – Equities

HKEX is also pleased to introduce a new equities section on STAGE, following the introduction of Bonds and Exchange Traded Products. This will display ESG metrics of Hong Kong-listed companies, published by leading ESG data providers. 

Investors have been key drivers in shaping the sustainable investment ecosystem, and this will help increase access and transparency on sustainable financial products, to both institutional and retail investors.

This initiative will help provide a consolidated view of ESG ratings from different providers, enabling investors to compare companies across sectors and sources when making their investment decisions. This feature will support companies on their sustainability journeys, and generate greater levels of awareness for retail investors on ESG.

The section will initially cover over 600 companies listed on HKEX that have received ESG ratings from at least one leading provider, namely Hang Seng Indexes, MSCI and S&P Global.

You may access STAGE Product Repository for more information.  For further information and educational material for Hong Kong listed companies, please visit HKEX website.


About HKEX

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX) is one of the world’s major exchange groups, and operates a range of equity, commodity, fixed income and currency markets.  HKEX is the world’s leading IPO market and as Hong Kong’s only securities and derivatives exchange and sole operator of its clearing houses, it is uniquely placed to offer regional and international investors access to Asia’s most vibrant markets.

HKEX is also the global leader in metals trading, through its wholly owned subsidiaries, The London Metal Exchange (LME) and LME Clear Limited.  This commodity franchise was further enhanced with the launch of Qianhai Mercantile Exchange (QME), in China, in 2018.

HKEX launched the pioneering Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect programme in 2014, further expanded with the launch of Shenzhen Connect in 2016, and the launch of Bond Connect in 2017.


Source: Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKEX)

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