HKGFA Biodiversity Training Series 2nd Session on “Assessing Biodiversity-related Challenges and Opportunities in Investment and Lending Frameworks”


The HKGFA Biodiversity Training Series 2nd webinar was a great success with over 420 virtual attendees on 20 February 2024. The webinar was organised under the cross-collaboration of the TNFD/ Biodiversity Workstream and the Net Zero Commitments Workstream with the second theme on Assessing Biodiversity-related Challenges and Opportunities in Investment and Lending Frameworks.

Sincere thanks to our speakers, Mr. Mervyn Tang, Head of Sustainability, APAC, Schroders; Ms. Ellen Lam, Head of Sustainability, Rabobank Asia; Ms. Vivien Teu, Partner and Head of Asset Management & ESG, Dentons Hong Kong for their sharing on biodiversity related integration and opportunities in their respective sector.

Key takeaways

  • Biodiversity-related considerations will be acceleratingly prominent globally. Hong Kong and various Asian regions are well-positioned to take the lead in understanding regulations, reporting, and disclosure frameworks. More countries have included biodiversity or nature elements in their taxonomies, such as Mainland China’s Green Bond Endorsed Projects Catalogue with environmental protection and conservation factors.
  • In the Asia context, biodiversity integration or adaptation might be more relevant to financial implications. Companies should adopt a double materiality approach to consider risks and impacts caused by and to biodiversity elements.
  • Another angle in perceiving biodiversity integration opportunities is to redo and revisit existing practices to generate profit more sustainably. Ellen raised an example with blended finance on tackling zero deforestation and sustainable soil solutions with financial incentives in Brazil.
  • Companies can start by evaluating their level of ambition on biodiversity-related metrics, materiality relevance, and whether it fits with their existing reporting requirements; banks also have a role to play in accounting for the impact on nature and biodiversity from their clients and portfolios.

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