HKGFA Chairman and President Dr. Ma Jun: Enhance Hong Kong’s green finance competitiveness from 4 aspects


Last year, Hong Kong issued more than US$80 billion in green and sustainable loans and bonds, becoming one of the most influential green finance markets in the world. However, many green finance centers around the world are actively innovating. If Hong Kong does not continue to break through in new areas, it may soon fall behind.


Dr. Ma Jun, Chairman and President of HKGFA, believes that Hong Kong has the opportunity and should strive to become a future leader in the following new areas of green finance:

1.  Transition Finance Development

2. Build a disclosure system based on ISSB standards

3. Use CGT to connect the mainland and international markets

4. Establish a “Carbon Connect” platform linking China’s CCER with the international community


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Source: Ifeng News

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