HKGFA Chairman & President Dr. Ma Jun received the Master Insight’s ESG Award of Excellence


Dr. MA Jun, Chairman, and President, HKGFA received the Master Insight’s ESG Award of Excellence (灼見名家ESG翹楚大獎) at the Master Insight’s 5th Financial Summit and ESG Award Ceremony 2023 on 12 June.

Dr. Ma also gave a sharing regarding “Transition Finance and Corporate ESG Pathways”, pointed out crucial green and sustainable finance milestones of Mainland China, and highlighted the importance of supporting and expanding the ESG ecosystem in Hong Kong through 4 suggested pillars. He further encouraged corporates to enhance their ESG performances through improving governance, setting credible targets, pathways, and frameworks, and strengthening reporting and disclosure based on ISSB.

  1. Define standards and taxonomy to prevent greenwashing; Dr. Ma also highlighted the importance of the Common Ground Taxonomy developments.
  2. Report information on transition activities/ sustainability for investors to source credible green projects
  3. Design policy incentives and measures to increase the profitability of projects and attract private capital investments into the market
  4. Scale up and further develop sustainable finance instruments to facilitate various financing and risk management demands

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Source: Master Insight’s

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