HKGFA Representative attended the “China Daily HK Edition’s Masterminds Gathering”


To address the pressing issue of greenwashing which has raised growing concern in the market, China Daily Hong Kong edition has organised the first “Masterminds Gathering of Environment, Social, Governance and Greenwashing“, gathering experts in the field to exchange on measures to avoid greenwashing threats.

Ms. Jenny Lee, Under Secretary General, HKGFA, spoke at the event that greenwashing can sometimes occur unintentionally. She said there are so many regulations coming down the pipe that it can be difficult to make sense of them all, and that people need training. Company executives should ensure some of the basic definitions are understood from the top down, and that the right types of controls and processes are in place.

Some of the key measures mentioned include raising public awareness, enhancing corporate transparency, and promoting efficient regulation necessary for protecting the sustainable-investment environment.

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