HKGFA Representative Speaking at CGCC Forum


On 23 April 2024, Dr Ma Jun, Chairman & President of HKGFA, spoke at the CGCC Forum Panel Session titled “Leveraging Hong Kong’s Advantages in Professional Services to Seize the GBA Development Opportunities”.

The Forum featured a keynote speech by the Financial Secretary Mr Paul Chan Mo-po, who mentioned that Hong Kong should focus on developing a green and digital economy, and work to facilitate more Mainland capital flow into Hong Kong through enhancing the city’s financial competitiveness.

Dr Ma Jun joined the other distinguished speakers including Dr Cheung Tin-cheung (HKGBC), Dr Thomas So (eBRAM), Ms Ivy Cheung (KPMG Hong Kong) and Ms Shan Wu (AstraZeneca) in a panel discussion to touch on different aspects of Hong Kong Professional Services and how they can help bring opportunities to Hong Kong and GBA.

Key points mentioned by Dr Ma on green and sustainable finance development in Hong Kong:

  1. Tremendous growth opportunities in transition finance to provide financing to high carbon emitting industries and activities as they require huge amount of capital to decarbonise and achieve low-carbon transition
  2. A clear definition on transition activities is needed to mitigate the risk of greenwashing. A robust transition strategy with goals and timelines also needs to be in place in corporates’ transition planning
  3. More policy and industry measures are needed to guide and encourage investment in green technology from PE/VC
  4. Hong Kong could provide a platform to link CCER to connect with international market standards such as ICVCM, allowing international investors to conveniently enter the CCER market and participate in carbon trading activities.
  5. More capacity building activities to nurture ESG professionals is crucial in developing an ecosystem as various professional services such as sustainability disclosure and reporting, carbon accounting, etc will be in high demand.

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