HKGFA’s International Engagement at the Asian Financial Forum


HKGFA actively engages with international partners and delegations at the Asian Financial Forum (AFF) to promote Hong Kong’s role as an international Green Finance and Green Tech Centre.

On 25 January 2024, HKGFA Chairman and President, Dr. Ma Jun, HKGFA Secretary General, Mr. Tsun Chen, and  HKGFA Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Jenny Lee met with H.E. Dr. Mohamed Maait, Minister of Finance of Egypt to discuss potential collaborations between Egypt and Hong Kong on green and sustainable financing. As the first country in the Middle East and North Africa to issue a sovereign green bond and the first North African nation to issue a sustainable Panda Bond, Egypt continues to advance its green finance ambitions. The Egyptian delegation expressed keen interest in furthering green and sustainable finance development in the Middle East and North Africa by building a strong local ecosystem and increasing exchanges with industry players. Hong Kong can play a role in facilitating, supporting, and building capacity on this front.

HKGFA also conducted an international press briefing session at AFF with over ten international media outlets from Mainland China, ASEAN, UAE, and the EU attending. Dr. Ma Jun, along with HKGFA Executive Vice Presidents, Ms. Chaoni Huang and Ms. Tracy Wong Harris, reflected on the role of Hong Kong as a super-connector for mainland China’s projects to access international financing, and to attract capital toward technological innovations to accelerate the transition.

HKGFA will continue to steer discussions on accelerating a credible, actionable, and just transition across industries through our working groups, capacity-building, and research initiatives. 


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