Kubuqi Green Finance Summit at the 7th Kubuqi International Desert Forum


The Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA) and the China Green Finance Committee (GFC) co-organised the Kubuqi Green Finance Summit on the 27-28 July at the 7th Kubuqi International Desert Forum in China inner Mongolia.

The 7th Kubuqi International Desert Forum took place in the Kubuqi desert in China inner Mongolia which was attended by over 400 guests from 30 countries. The Kubuqi Green Finance Summit put together over 150 green projects to facilitate the match-making exercise between green project owners and investors from both China and overseas. During the green project match-making exercise, 7 green projects on clean energy, green and sustainable city, clean technologies, tree plantation and waste management from China, Myanmar and Pakistan were being presented to investors.

Ms Tracy Wong Harris, Deputy Secretary General of the Hong Kong Green Finance Association, said “Kubuqi desert successfully demonstrated the power of green finance together with cleantech, policy and social conscious can turn a desert into an oasis.” Kubuqi is the 7th largest desert in China which has been transformed with over 54% of green vegetation coverage, introduced with over 900 species of plants and over 100 species of animals and insects with 30 years of effort on desert regeneration.


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