Report Release of Towards a Better Hong Kong: Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050


HONG KONG, 29 June 2020 – Under the HK2050 is Now banner, Civic Exchange (CEx) and World Resources Institute (WRI) launched a roadmap to advance Hong Kong to net zero by 2050, report titled Towards a Better Hong Kong: Pathways to Net Zero Carbon Emissions by 2050. Showing a comprehensive pathway for Hong Kong to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 90%, through decarbonising the power sector, improving building efficiency, and enhancing mobility.

The report highlights the urgency as well as opportunities for Hong Kong to strengthen policy actions. These recommendations not only guide Hong Kong on track to reducing significant emissions by 2050, they also present to Hong Kong people a glimpse of a carbon-neutral future—greener and more-liveable, with minimal pollution, readily available public transport, healthy low-carbon lifestyles and more. To achieve this, the city must step up as a leader in combating the global climate emergency.

“As the report has laid out, HK needs to decarbonize over 40m tons of carbon emission by 2050, which means drastic actions are required across all sectors, from both private and public to work together with an urgency. The report has highlighted some good recommendations for the Govt to consider, including stricter energy efficiency standards and to consider not just to reducing local emission but to also look at imported emission for example embodied carbon from building constructions, shipping and aviation”, Ms. Tracy Wong Harris, Deputy Secretary General of Hong Kong Green Finance Association (HKGFA).

Read the full report: Link

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