2023 No.2 Greater Bay Area Green Finance Bi-Monthly Policy and Market Updates


The Greater Bay Area Green Finance Bi-Monthly Policy and Market Updates – 2023 No.2 (Mar – Apr) summarizes important policy and market dynamics in the GBA from March to April 2023.


The bi-monthly update is produced by the Greater Bay Area Green Finance Alliance (GBAGFA) and coordinated by the Shenzhen Green Finance Association (GBAGFA Secretariat). The 2023 No.2 bi-monthly update is derived from the input provided by Guangdong Green Finance Committee, Guangzhou Green Finance Association, Shenzhen Green Finance Association and the HKGFA.


The update cover important topics such as carbon neutrality initiatives from the local government, green and sustainable insurance development, carbon market development, GBA green technology pioneers, capacity building, data infrastructure, etc.

(The bi-monthly update is only available in Simplified Chinese)

Source: Greater Bay Area Green Finance Alliance 

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