CGT Research Series Phase 2: Understanding Use Cases of the Common Ground Taxonomy


IPSF’s Common Ground Taxonomy (CGT) provides a comprehensive mapping and comparison between EU and China taxonomies and the mapping analysis can be considered as major first step towards convergence of global standards of green definitions. This Phase 2 report focuses on the understanding of the use cases of the CGT in Hong Kong and beyond.


In this Phase 2 Report we examine the key potential usage of the CGT in Hong Kong and the rest of GBA, looking specifically at 6 potential use cases based on industry experiences with taxonomies globally. In particular, we also examine key considerations that different users would need to reflect in the adoption and scaling up of the CGT. CGT is a useful analytical tool and significant frame of reference with financing and investment activities, regulation, disclosures and policy setting. On the other hand, jurisdictions may consider developing taxonomies with reference to CGT, to further drive the global harmonization of sustainable finance.


Future research would focus on how these use cases can be carried forward to the market with the potential development of a Hong Kong taxonomy based on CGT and how that can fit into Hong Kong’s broader sustainable finance policy and regulatory framework.

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