The 8th Kubuqi International Desert Forum (KIDF) held with HK Parallel Session

The 8th Kubuqi International Desert Forum (KIDF) was held from 27 to 29 September, 2021 at the Kubuqi International Desert Forum Center. Inner Mongolia, China, jointly organized by China’s Ministry of Science and Technology, National Forestry and Grassland Administration. People’s Government of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, UNEP and UNCCD.
To coincide with this year’s theme “Seeking Carbon Emission Peak and Carbon Neutrality Towards a Community of Life for Man and Nature”. Elion Foundation and Friends of the Earth (HK)  co-hosted a Hong Kong parallel session on the topic of “Green Finance to Drive a Low-Carbon Economy”, to discuss how Hong Kong, as an international financial center can direct capital towards building a low-carbon economy and carbon neutrality. Hong Kong Green Finance Parallel Session was held online.
Our Vice President and Deputy Secretary General, Ms. Tracy Wong Harris, gave an opening remarks on how Hong Kong, as an international financial centre, can direct more capital to help combating climate change under the sub-themes of building low carbon economies, enhancing biodiversity and/or preventing soil erosion.


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